"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.".......Pablo Picasso


In painting I approach each day with a new outlook that allows me to indulge all aspects of my character.

My art is diverse and not defined by any single genre or style.

My work involves forms from flowers, human figures, abstractions & color from nature using oils, acrylics, ink and graphite all through the use of a brush or palette knife.

I am drawn in by the ephemeral nature of flowers and how they reflect the transient nature of life. The roses series allows me to focus on beauty and repetition in nature, using the 400 year old technique of the masters' by under painting  and layering with transparent glazing. Generally I like to work on large canvases as the proportional scales invite the viewer into exotic cocoons, with tonal variations jutting out of receding dark spaces switching the focus from beauty to stillness and meditation.

The 'shades of white' and 'shades of color' paintings are tapestries of color using texture to interplay with the delicate nuances of color. These paintings allow me to play with color relationships that reflect various emotions and are explored through the use of the palette knife. Here my right brain meets the left: the exploration of color, feeling and intuition works in juxtaposition with the systematic and logical application of the paint.

The 'Portrait series' are inspired by POP artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. I paint the sensual, seductive woman whilst trying to capture the essence of her persona, whether it being the inner strength, beauty, spirit, assertiveness, confidence or her caring nature. My fascination with line & shapes is reflected strongly in this series with its emphasis on vibrant color relationships.

Beauty is omnipresent in life although it can be slow to reveal itself. I invite you to join me on my developing quest to explore and reflect beauty in my work.